Welcome to Nick Cuda Music!
Nick has been performing music and entertaining professionally, in the greater Toronto
area, for over 20 years.  He is a master guitarist with a distinct style a composer/song
writer, and a recording artist.

Nick's artistry as a musician and composer integrates the rhythms of latin jazz, the
exoticness of world music, the immediacy of pop, and the joy that is pure Nick Cuda.

Nick's instrument is the acoustic guitar.  His creativity has expanded beyond his musical
ability to writing, composing and arranging music.  His music shows a solid understanding
of the craft of song-writing, demonstrated by the poignanat things he conveys through the
voice of his guitar.

"The struggles, challenges and joys of every day life, and the people who weave their way
through my life, inspire my music."

Like the care given to the making of great wine, Nich has slowly offering his music in
teasing sips and continuosly strives to create new fresh, original music, as much for
himselft as for his audience.
Recording Artist
Composer & Song Writer
"My dream is to share my love of music and the guitar with the world."    
Nick Cuda
Nick's music is
available on iTunes.
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